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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Osaka #2

Here's another set of images from various small streets in central Osaka. Once again, you can see within these images a strange mix of signage and decor, resulting in a bizarre clutter of oddness. It's as if there is a desire to camouflage what is essentially a plain building or shop front into something completely different.

Anyone who has spent some time in Japan will also recognise the vending machines, which seem to be positioned on every spare bit of space along every city street. Mostly vending cold (and hot) drinks and cigarettes; but sometimes food and other items. During my stay, I became quite addicted to cans of hot milky sweet coffee; and my plans to give up smoking took a dent at the time, especially when every 100 meters there were machines vending cigarettes at about 25% the cost in UK.  See the last image for a common site of these machines.

The final thing that always comes across to me about Japanese city streets is the cleanliness. I have been told by my wife that every shop front or business is responsible for the cleanliness outside their property, including the pavement and the gutter. Even if this is not always an actual law, the shop owners feel that they are responsible. There is a certain pride in the tidyness and lack of litter. It is quite usual to see shop owners hosing the pavement outside with water. Add this to the fact that the majority of Japanese people would not even dream of dropping any litter on the pavement, you have the result of a clean environment.  So why oh why do so many English people in UK, feel that it is perfectly okay to just drop their litter everywhere?  I get so ANGRY!!!!

Sorry...    so anyway, here are some pictures.


s.c said...

Yes an automatic dispenser for nearly everything. That's Japan. Thanks for showing.

Bill Wellham said...

Thankyou S.C.