Using a Ricoh GRD III and a Nikon DSLR to photograph streets, people, architecture and anything else that catches my eye.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Portabello Road

I have just found some photos of Portabello Road market which I took over a year ago. This was after I had replace my old Ricoh GRD i with the new GRD iii. Of course, I was still getting to grips with the updated and uprated specs of the new model, but I was starting to get results which gave me confidence in the new camera.

There was something about the hat stall that made me smile. It's only in certain places in London where you actually see people wearing hats like this. The thing that I liked about this image was the way that some of the heads on the stall are looking up at the customer.

This shot is slightly over exposed. Such are the perils of attempting full manual on the Ricoh.  But I liked the image enough to keep it. I actually think the chopped head works in this situation.  The guy is a dude in full stride!

Hooray! It started to rain. A perfect excuse to get those umbrella shots.  I am never quite sure about using a camera in the rain, but I was under my own umbrella while shooting one handed.  I love umbrella shots.

I call this last shot 'Audrey Hepburn and The Beatles'.


Michael Gatton said...

Such a great look to your pictures, I like the compositions, sometimes unorthodox but to great effect, and the contrast/tonality as always excellent. The grain gives a nice texture as well.

George McKay said...

Agree with Michael. For me, whatever effect you're utilizing to get that gritty tone works for these images. I don't always like a processed, hdr-style treatment but you seem to know how much is just enough.

s.c said...

I like the low shots. Very nice compositions and by first seeing your photo's i don't think about hdr treatment. But the comments above made me rethink this. Stil the results of the ricoh look really good.

ismall said...

I really like the last shot. The heads on the posters work very well with the real head to the right. It's strange because now that I have been out shooting with you I understand how you get the quite distinctive view point of your pics. You are not so much a shoot from the hip but maybe a shoot from the chest!

Bill Wellham said...

Cheers guys. They aren't exactly HDR, but I do mince them a little through photoshop. I use a B&W converter filter, which allows adjustment of individual colour tones prior to conversion. It also raises or lowers 'structure' within the RAW image, which brings out more detail. I admit that sometimes I tweak a little too far, which can produce nearly unnatural images... but I like them that way :) I guess, strong and punchy contrast is my style.

Thanks Iesha. and you are right about me shooting from the chest. We gotta get out for a walk'n'shoot again soon.