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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

City of London - Railway Passengers

My day job sometimes requires me to take a trip into London. I always manage to avoid the mad commuter rush hours by taking later or earlier trains. It is usually during these times when I have opportunity to take a few photographs of Londoners going about their daily routines. Another reason why I love my Ricoh GRD3; it's in the pocket and ready to go.

The following series of images were all taken within the last two months, but at varying times. They were all taken around the major London Railway Terminals of Liverpool Street Station and Victoria Station.

I think railway stations are great places for photography.  There is grand architecture, cafes and restaurants, shops, noise, action,  and of course an abundance of people.


s.c said...

I like the first and the last the best. But great place to photograph .

George McKay said...

I recall years ago on my first (and only) trip to London visiting Victoria Station and thinking what a great place to take pictures. And you're doing it!

Michael Gatton said...

Cool, I am intrigued by that last shot - is that guy pumped up or did the wind inflate his jacket? And the guys with the crutches - I assume the woman giving him a funny look is with him, otherwise it's kinda creepy! I enjoy your candid moments of Londoners going about their business :-)

Anonymous said...

Great set of photos. You are right - railway stations are great places for photography. People's attentions are focussed elsewhere, so they don't notice photographers - or are too busy to care - and they often don't notice what else is going on around them.