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Monday, 15 October 2012

Monthly Favourite - Jelly Babies

I haven't posted a monthly favourite in a while. Actually my general posting rate has slowed a little; this maybe due to the fact that I sometimes dry up on the photography front through lack of 'being bothered'. There is so much more in life than wandering around shooting everything. I've recently got back into reading literature; having worked my way through quite a few novels already. I have a small family to have fun with. My work is also always sapping all my time.

So my free time shrinks and what little I have can not possibly all be taken up with photography. (or can it?)

Well enough moaning about my ever decreasing personal freedoms...

This month's favourite ....(or a poor excuse to post a 'one off' image that doesn't fit too well into any of my themed posts).... is of some public artwork which was installed onto a stone plinth at London's famous Hyde park Corner.

Nothing traditional here (by god we already have thousands of dead heros cast in bronze or cut from stone). Nothing too arty or clever here (this is Hyde park Corner, not the Louvre or Tate). But something to catch the eye of the passing tourists and drivers. A sculpture made from highly polished coloured clear and opaque resin. Something about three meters tall.

I present to you... Giant Jelly Babies.

This isn't necessarily a fantastic photo.  This is really point and click.  But even so, I like it.  So there.

I have added this video, which should give an idea of their actual size and location.


Michael Gatton said...

That's actually quite nice. Don't know how big these figures are, but the angle here makes them appear gargantuan. And you got a nice sky in the background as well. Great colors and transparency - they really look like gummi-bears.

I can certainly sympathize with the "decreasing personal freedoms." :-)

s.c said...

Wow. I agree with Michael. The light falling trough is great and the fact that we don't have an idea of the dimensions makes it perhaps greater then they are.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Guys...

See the updated post... I have added a video I found of these big babies.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't look like a snap to me! Great angle and lighting. I've often thought of photographing the jelly babies but can't think of an interesting way of doing it. Now you've pipped me to the post.

They are fun and a cheerful addition to what is basically a big roundabout.

Michael Gatton said...

Cool video, love the installation, and what you've done with it in photo.