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Saturday, 13 October 2012

The Southbank - Part 2

Following on from my previous post, here are the rest of my images taken on my wander along the London Southbank.

I can see in my images a familiar style, which without any deliberate thought, has started to become quite regular. I like my subjects to have strong architectural and simple backgrounds.  The stone and concrete canvases in the following examples are all true to this theme.  Although I enjoy processing in black and white, I also like to see colours when they deserve to be displayed.  The following two shots are both reds/oranges on grey, which work well in my opinion.  The runner's stretched leg seemed to line so well with the wall handrail; her legs forming a pefect 90 degree square.

Sometimes colour doesn't work for me.  In this scene, even though the yellow concrete structure is rather unique and eye catching; I prefer the B&W version.  I really like the imprinted brutal concrete architecture here; forming nice diagonals and verticals.

A view of the same yellow concrete staircase now works best in full colour. Maybe because of the over-sized red painted slogan. I have to say that I had seen some amazing photos of this staircase already on flickr; and I waited and waited to try and get an interesting image. Blatant copying on my behalf but this fell way short of the images by other people.

Some more images along the southbank. The black and white images here were taken with my Ricoh GRD3, while all other images on this post were taken with Nikon D80. The last image was of a guy who was singing and playing guitar on the stony Thames beach. He managed to capture a good size audience who all watched from several meters above on the footpath.

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s.c said...

Great idea to get an architectual background. Like the stairs shot and the fact that it is yellow makes it even stronger. Not a usual color for a concrete construction. The b&w makes that a degradation in my mind. If i go to london I shall give you an e- mail. . Perhaps we can have a meeting then.

Michael Gatton said...

Flickr is dangerous - you could get the impression that there's no point shooting anything because it's all there already!

The b&w on the stairs brings out the texture, and makes that the focus of the image. With the color, for some reason, I'm more distracted by the woman's face being kinda lost in the shadows.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks guys... nice to see how you both have differing feelings about the yellow concrete. I am still unsure which works best.

George McKay said...

Architectural elements and simple backgrounds do certainly make it easier to "frame" your subjects as opposed to the busy, peopled backdrops one encounters when doing street photography. As for the photo in question - I believe it's like comparing apples and oranges…er…yellows.

Anonymous said...

I like the 5th and the last ones best. The woman looks as though she is walking down from the sky. And as for the nutter on the "beach" - ie mud - with his electric guitar - there's always one!

Bill Wellham said...

Cheers Nicola. It always amazes me what you see on that 'beach' too. I was surprised that the heath and safety fun patrol let him play for so long without turning up with boats and nets. LOL