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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Southbank - Part 1

The Southbank must be one of the biggest tourist traps in London. During the summer months, it can be so packed with people wandering along enjoying the views of the Thames and all the places to visit along the path.  They generally stroll slowly along from the Tower of London, over Tower Bridge, passing the Golden Hind tall ship, the Tate Modern, the Millenium Bridge, Globe Theatre....    takes a long breath   ....Festival Hall, Southbank Center, County Hall, London Aquarium, and finishing off by the famous London Eye.

Its fun to see hundreds of foreign tourists all standing by the river bank wall, having photos of themselves with the Tower of London behind them. Well I hope they all enjoy themselves in London, and go back with good memories, and hopefully a good impression of British people (I seriously hope they do).  I hope they don't all feel that twenty pounds each is too expensive a price for the pleasure of queuing for forty five minutes for a fourty five minute ride on the London Eye.  I must admit that I am finding London one of the most expensive places in the world (even compared to notoriously pricey Tokyo et al).

I enjoy merging into the crowd as they amble along, taking a few shots of people as I go.  It really is a good place to take pictures of people, especially as everyone else is doing the same.

There are quite a few of these big painted concrete 'beds' along one part of the walk. They were all taken up by couples in somewhat laid back manor. People genuinely enjoying each other's company for conversation and relaxation.

A few shots alongside the London Eye. The guy on the left is drumming up interest into some kind of magical ghoulishly feindish stage show, and dressed like a bloody surgeon (literally).  The girl on the left was interested in looking cool (in a kind of tall Scandinavian way)

Working hard while everyone else sits around sipping cappuccinos or beers.

Oooh look - I seem to have created a nice monochrome set with orange highlights!

Check out my next post on The London Southbank - part 2


s.c said...

Nice pictures. I admit it is very crowded there. In the past I always tried to avoid it but you are right . Nice place to photograph people.

Michael Gatton said...

Interesting structures, interesting people. A lot of concrete in these shots (beyond the "beds"), is that typical along the river or just a limited area?

George McKay said...

London seems to have an abundance of street photography-friendly venues. Of course it takes a certain dedication and a discerning eye to do so successfully as you have here (and in the past).

George McKay said...

Hey Bill - Been meaning to send you a link to this site featuring street photography - one of the best I've seen. Check Nils Jorgensen's work - some very humorous images…

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks for all your comments guys:

S.C., next time you ever visit London, please let me know.

Mike, The variety of architecture along the southbank is incredibly varied. There may be a range from 800 years upto modern day. They just keep adding more. The area in these shots is quite 1960s with several concrete masterpieces along the route.

George, thanks again. London is fun to shoot people. Every one is taking photos of everyone and everything. So it's easy to blend in (I can pretend to be a tourist).

The in-public is amazing. Some very artistic and intelligent photography, full of observed humour.