Using a Ricoh GRD III and a Nikon DSLR to photograph streets, people, architecture and anything else that catches my eye.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Osaka #5

Here are a few more images from down town Osaka. The place is a messy crash of noise and colour, people and bicycles. It is a mish mash of old style market trading and small shops, together with an uncoutable number of restaurants and bars. Running through this scene is the addition of high tech modernism and futuristic automatism.  Old world meets new!  This is somed up by the way that the man in a small shop selling next year's cameras and computers would prefer cash instead of plastic. 

The street level is a cacophony of noise and people, shops and modern neon signs, vintage paper lanterns and over head power cables. When you look up you see the tall concrete buildings and offices of corporations and hotels, covered in further advertisements on an immense neon scale.  If you have seen the amazing 80s sci-fi movie 'Blade Runner', then you already have a feel for Osaka.

Next year, I should be back in Japan for a while; and relish the idea of letting loose with my Ricoh. I have become a lot braver in my photography since these photos were taken.


Michael Gatton said...

Just visually it's quite an assault on the senses - adding in the sounds and smells, and for me not speaking the language, I imagine a quite disorienting experience - that I would love to have some day.

Anonymous said...

All those signs and adverts. How do the Japanese cope with that visual assault? Or do they just learn to ignore it, making all those adverts and signs redundant?

Bill Wellham said...

It certainly is an assault on the sensory department. This is the opposite end of the Japanese ideal of calm meditation and simplicity.

Visually, with all the signs and adverts, I do think the Japanese have learned to see through the chaos. They seem to have focused and selective vision, and thus only see what they need to see. (if that makes sense).

Personally... it all seems amazing on the first few experiences. Then after a while it begins tire the eyes. Coming home to my quiet dull town is a relief... LOL