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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Blogging on Christmas Day

Sitting around a television watching yet another repeat of Only Fools and Horses, wishing l hadn't eaten quite so much turkey; while the rest of the family laugh, drink and argue their way into a festive black hole...  l decided to reach for my phone and write a post on my blog. With a glass of ruby port in one hand, and my Samsung Note 2 in my other; writing couldn't be easier, especially as I am actually 'writing' this using the Samsung stylus which is quicker than typing with a laptop keyboard.

Anyway...  this post has nothing to do with Christmas. It is actually just another photo post; or an excuse to post some Street Photographs which I have taken over the last few months...  Or an excuse to not get dragged into the family disputes going on around me as I write this.

So here is a small selection of Colchester locals; all with hints of pink and orange.  This makes a change from my usual black and white presentation. Maybe the festive spirit in me showing itself in full colour.

Happy Holidays.


Old 57 said...

Lovely street photographs. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

s.c said...

Really nice pics and nice weather. You photographed a lot of people here. The most unaware of you photographing them I guess. Well done. I like your type of street photography.

Michael Gatton said...

Good luck with the family "discussions!" These are lovely shots, nice and bright and lively, great colors, especially the first & second ones. Even with the color there's something about the composition that's all you.

Anonymous said...

Great shots. I love the top one. That could have been taken in the 1930s - apart from the colour of course.

And I like all the confusing reflections in the second one. You have to look at it for a while to work out what is in the shop and what is a reflection. And I like the woman's choice of matching colours - monochrome except for the orange in the skirt which matches her hair! Very Essex (I can say this as I grew up in Essex.)