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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Cambridge People

A few months ago, I visited Cambridge to do a little shopping. Cambridge is an hour's drive from my home, and is a nice place to wander around. I wanted to get some street images from the people of Cambridge; especially as the city is crammed full of university students, foreign tourists and local Cambridgites. It was one of those days where I ended up being very disappointed with my photographic results. At the end of the day, I realised I had my camera all set up totally wrong, and most of the shots were blurred and messed up.

I did, however, get three images which I was pleased with:

There was something nice about this girl. She seemed to hold a very content composure, as she wandered through the old shopping streets. I captured here nicely in front of the victorian shops. 

 Now this girl definitely clocked my hip-held camera action. Looking straight into the camera!  Once again, I liked the way I framed her as she crossed the road, mid-stride with her hair caught in the wind.

Here we have a nice old couple sitting together. Two different expressions and postures. This time I actually stood in front of them and took their picture, without my usual secrecy. I like the aged expression of the old chap; probably wondering why I am taking his picture.

Next time I visit Cambridge, I will get many more images.  I shall check my setting properly.


Michael Gatton said...

Great shots, Bill. I love the hands on the belly and the expression on #1's face, very poised/composed.

The third one has that "alone together" kinds of feel, both look quite burdened by the necessities and eventualities of life.

The look from the girl in the middle is what keeps me from taking people pictures! Nice composition there.

George McKay said...

People react quite differently when a camera is aimed in their direction - the girl in the top picture evidently was OK with it. Street photography is always a challenge - trying to capture a candid moment and your subject(s) isn't always a cooperative collaborate.