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Saturday, 29 December 2012

UK Summer 2012

The weather in UK throughout 2012 has been quite unappealing. We English have a reputation for always talking about the weather; not surprising since we live under generally overcast skies and spend much time avoiding the rain. 2012 has actually turned out to be the wettest year since records began!

Here is a shot I took whist holidaying in Devon (the sunshine county).

Well it wasn't all rain...  and I thought I should post a few images of summer; just in case any of my English readers have forgotten. As usual, these all taken using my beloved Ricoh GRD3.

Summer dresses were plentiful around the fashionable parts of London. I took her picture from two metres away, and although she is not pin sharp in focus, her sense of style certainly was!

Now for a more traditional style of British summer attire, you really can't better the knotted handkerchief and proud sun burned belly!

Roll on 2013...   and a happy new year!


Michael Gatton said...
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Bill Wellham said...

Sorry, Mike. I accidentally deleted your Comment by tapping the wrong thing. (the problem with using a smart phone).

I agree with what you mentioned about the focussing on 2nd image. Even though it is not focussed on her face, I still like the shot and l can pretend it was deliberate... 'artist's license' maybe.

The old guy on shot 3 was indeed taken at a local classic car show, and actually, he was the owner of the old motor in the background.

Anonymous said...

These are brilliant. Together they sum up the British summer - rain, tea dresses and men getting their tops off the moment the sun comes out.

I do like the last one. It makes me laugh.