Using a Ricoh GRD III and a Nikon DSLR to photograph streets, people, architecture and anything else that catches my eye.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

London People - Part 2

All these pictures have one thing in common. They all contain two people.  This maybe a tenuous method of linking images; but it's the method I am going to use. Most of my shots have usually been focused on one individual.

This first shot is taken through a window into a cafe kitchen. A couple of staff are preparing something for coffee loving lunch time public. Harmony in the work place.

A couple of staff having a friendly chat at the entrance of a small fashion boutique near Bethnal Green in London. Uber style conversations and coffee.

A couple of old timers enjoying a beer and a fag outside a proper pub. 

A couple of educated artists discussing an approach to social realism through the works of revolutuionary Marksist modern art.  Well...   I don't know...   could be complaining about the price of coffee.

Berwick street market stall holders discussing the best methods of stacking fruit...   or the virtues of the traditional shop keepers working attire.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

London People - part 1

It's been a while since my last post. Life has been so busy lately and priorities seem to take control, squeezing my hobbies into an increasingly smaller time and space. I have taken so few pictures lately that my camera battery has not even needed a recharge since last year.

I do have a small back up of images taken from late last year, which have not reached my blog as yet.  So over the next few blogs I shall post these images in small groups; although they may not present themselves with any particular theme or idea.

These are just images which I have been pleased with.  They were all taken with my Ricoh GRD3, which still serves me well. I did not upgrade to the somewhat superior GRD4; and will probably hang out for the hopeful release of a possible GRD5!

So here goes:

This first image was taken in an area of East London mostly consisting of poor social housing estates inhabited by peoples of many cultures and colours. Amongst these deprived areas, developers still manage to build new modern blocks of private apartments, aimed at the healthy wealthy who like to live a short train connection to the financial centres of London.  It is clear to see the poverty gap as you walk around East London.  The image below is of a local Asian woman as she walks between the zone of rich and poor. I liked this image because of the strong contrast between her clothing and the pure whiteness of the architecture.

I am always pleased to capture a picture of a person reading. With the world rapidly changing and everything slowly becoming electronically and digitally published and accessed, I sometimes worry that printed media will struggle to survive. I have a smart phone like most people nowadays, and I am an avid computer user too; but I do still buy books and newspapers, and I enjoy the art of the advertisment posters we are surrounded by. For me there is something more to reading than just the information gained.  The process of turning a page and holding paper in itself seems relaxing and rewarding.  I do not look forward to a world of people staring into small illuminated rectangles of glass. It is just a matter of a few decades before the media streams adverts and magazines directly into the brain.  Mark my words!

This lady caught my eye; reading her smart phone as she crosses the street (doh), with a string of party balloons floating away behind her. She just doesn't look happy enough considering all the happy helium and promise of fun ahead.  It's the phone, see?  They don't make people happy. They take away the freedom to think inside the head without multimedia assistance.

Who needs a smart phone when you have a great big cigarette on the go? Well at least she is checking the traffic before she crosses the road.  Free thinker with a touch of style.