Using a Ricoh GRD III and a Nikon DSLR to photograph streets, people, architecture and anything else that catches my eye.

Sunday, 31 March 2013

Blogging from a smart phone

I haven't blogged much recently. I have been working many hours every day and have had little time for photography. I am determined, however, to not let my blog fade away into a lost cause. I am currently writing this while sitting on a steam railway carriage at a Thomas the tank engine day out. (The things we do to entertain our little family members! ); but the fact that a technologically inept person like myself can actually write a blog while away from my computer is in itself a mile stone in the unstoppable march of human advancement.

I am using a Samsung Note 2, which I have to admit is quite an incredible smart phone. I have always resisted buying into the whole Apple world of iphones and ipads. Their phones are far too common and the screens are way too small to be useful for writing. The ipads, although very sexy, are not really pocketable for a chap on the move. Actually, the Samsung Note 2 only just fits in the pocket due to it's five and a half inch screen; although jeans pockets are definitely of the question.

The big screen is beautiful and displays my images wonderfully. Flicking through Flickr, surfing the web, tumbler, 500px, blogs etc is just a pleasure. I also enjoy writing with the included stylus. It seems to recognise my written scrawl really well, with just a few corrections here and there. 

I am not really likely to be taking photos and posting them straight away, as I still prefer to do a little post-processing on my big screen before publishing. That is not to say that I definitely won't stick to that rule.  I may from time to time, post some instantaneous shots, straight out of the camera, just for the heck of it.  I am not a real fan of instagram or iphoneography; I will always want to use a real camera with full controls over aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I still cannot see how a phone camera can ever match a real camera's capabilities considering the tiny size of their lenses. I also don't really like the idea of effects and filters all decided by instagram etc. In my opinion, it is just a way to make photo 'snaps' look mildly interesting by making them look like lomo style images etc.  On the other hand; the whole iphoneography scene has reawakened people's general interest in taking pictures.  Some of those people may go on to buy real cameras and discover the addictive hobby that is photography. 

Oh dear...  I'm rambling on and on, while it's time to change trains.  (Henry the green steam engine is ready on platform three)

Here's a photo of a chap enjoying a Sunday morning coffee, cigarette and newspaper; taken at a local cafe. Taken with Ricoh GRD3.