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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Lunch time - A time to think

London is a mighty city; an ancient, bustling and vibrant city.  Full of people, cars and noise. Lunch times in the city are busy times. People queue  for food and drinks, tables are packed with customers, much shouting and clinking of cutlery and crockery.  The cashiers' tills ring with sound of over priced orders.

But sometimes all you want is some time to yourself.   Lunch time is a time to stop working, sit and relax, drink something simple, smoke a cigarette if it helps.  A time to put that iphone in the pocket, take those headphones out of the ears. A time just to sit and think...  or not think.

A time to switch off.


George McKay said...

You've captured perfectly that quiet moment you describe of solitude and reflection. The perspective funneling off into the distance adds something too.

s.c said...

First the photo then the text but a very good match. Like it.