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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Not a lunchtime relaxing read

This guy hasn't learned the art of a relaxing lunch outside of a cafe.  He doesn't seem to have anything to read apart from his iphone. He hasn't a coffee or a pint in sight.  He is probably too healthy to partake in the filthy smoking habit.  In fact, he is sitting outside the pub, talking loudly at his smart phone, in public; whilst gesticulating with his only free hand.   

He needs to learn to detach himself from everyone else, buy a novel or newspaper, sip a long pint or slow coffee... and have that relaxing lunch.   

Taken with the Ricoh GRD3 around London Victoria area. 


s.c said...

I like the way al the material is coming out in this black and white. The wooden door is still wood and the stone wall is still stone even by using the same grey. I think its a pity that his hand is falling of the picture. It disturbs the compositing a little in my view.

Bill Wellham said...

Yes you're right about his hand. He was waving it about while talking on the phone, and I just missed it off.

George McKay said...

Great freeze-frame moment from our current-day iphone culture. The previous photo could've come from an earlier time with the pipe & newspaper. If I didn't know better, I might've thought it was an informal portrait of Jean Paul Sartre. Btw, like these b/w images a lot.

Old 57 said...

I love the writing. It gives the image a universal meaning. The smart phone became an extension of our body (or our mind.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks all. Most welcome comments.