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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

More from the forest

While I am in the mood for 'quite out of character' wanders around my local forest; here are a whole bunch of photos I took one nice sunny Sunday morning two weeks ago. I had the strange urge to get my feet a little muddy and go walk about amongst the trees.  I think it is a natural reaction to my usual photography of hard concrete and tarmac, filled with monochrome people, all rushing around their hectic lives.  There is certainly some therapy gained from exploring your local nature, just as much from the local urban environment.

I left my faithful Ricoh GRD3 at home and took the old Nikon D80 with me. Also a Sigma 10-20mm lens for some of the shots.  The old Nikon may not be quite as clever as some of the new DSLRs around now, but I can't actually ever see a need to upgrade. I don't use it too often anyway. I know the camera well enough to get some nice images...   and that's all I want.



George McKay said...

A nice series - these willowy trunks and branches reaching toward the sky. As always, technically well executed with crystal clear focus and pleasing compositions.

s.c said...

Its not your normal environment. I have a bit trouble to say something about it. Like the shot straight up to the sky with the circle of trees.