Using a Ricoh GRD III and a Nikon DSLR to photograph streets, people, architecture and anything else that catches my eye.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

London people - Part 5

I thought I'd share some street images of couples (maybe colleagues, best friends or couples) all taken in London. My usual style of photographing an 'individual person against an empty background' can tend to be a somewhat emotionless image with the sole purpose of creating an aesthetic graphic art form (which I like).  I do, however, like to capture pairs of people, just because there is more of an unknown story behind the couple.

A couple or just good friends....  I stood just under a darkened bridge as I shot this couple wandering towards me from the light, creating an almost sillhoette. I wished they had a small child between them so that they would strangely match the painted mural on the wall in the background.  I didn't notice the old guy lurking behind the box on the left hand side until I processed the image.

Best friends....   Outside Kings Cross station, there is a temporary public swing in a birdcage design.  Naturally, members of public like to have a go on the swing.  These two girls (language students, I believe) were going crazy and giggling quite loudly.

Friends...   This girl has got proper attitude. I like her defiant expression and strong character. She walked with a swagger as she looked straight into my camera.

Lovers?...  Even more attitude here, expressed through their faces, fashions, and strutting stride.  If you take a closer look at his tee shirt with the famous London Underground logo; the printed text is "SOD THE RICH", as opposed to the real railway station named "Shoreditch".  A political statement through cheap fashion! I don't think he will change the world, but every little helps, maybe.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

London People - Part 4

One morning, a few months ago, I spent an hour or so photographing office workers and city folk arriving at their places of work with briefcases and hot coffees on the go. The sun was bursting through a gap between glazed architecture, illuminating the paving slabs and producing nice reflections and shadows all around.

 The images are the results of over-exposed sunlight, burned out sky lights, contrasted against the blacksand solids of their overcoats and long shadows Shooting into the sun is always fun and can result in good results (and failures). I had my camera light meter set on pin point centre, and tried my best to aim straight at any grey zones. Of course, I  had to rescue the results a little with some photoshop tweaking.

These three shots were all taken from the same point.

Monday, 12 May 2014

London People - Part 3

After a long gap between posts, and having got back into the swing of things a couple of days ago; I thought I'd keep running with it and publish something while my keyboard is still warm.

Over the last few months; while my blogging has been quiet, my camera has been hard at work. I never go anywhere without my camera. For me, the street is full of pictures ready to be taken.

Continuing from my London People Part 1 & Part 2 series...

A small figure of a lady, wrapped up from the winter chill, patiently waiting for a friend or colleague (who knows?). I may have mentioned this before but I believe that the background is just as important as the subject; and in this case we have the ageless stonework of grand architecture, full of texture and form, which contrasts and compliments the softness of wool, leather and the human body.

More grand architecture for the background, allowing the sillhuoetted figure to walk across the stage. This shot would fit into my earlier lone figure posts from a while back. I can see from my more recent photography, that I try to avoid too much business in my backgrounds. I often search for simple backgrounds and locations and wait for members of the public to enter the stage.   More on this in a future post.

Here is something similar but taken much closer, with a touch of colour. Jogging along with his own shadow on the wall. On any given Sunday, there are joggers all over central London, although I am sure the same can be said for every great city around the world. This chap has carefully chosen his clothing to blend well with the 18th century stone wall, unlike some of the 'over the top' flourescent sports attire which can be seen everywhere.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

The quiet life of the village

Once again, I have come back from a long busy period of work and other annoying excuses keeping me from blogging.  Well I have not given up yet; even though sometimes the enthusiasm for blogging is hard to find.  I will carry on!  I will...  I will...    (just got to get back into a blog rhythm)

Every so often, my weekends involve visiting or driving through one of the countless small villages of England. Although I live in a reasonable size town (Colchester's population is c176000); the town is surrounded by lots of these small villages, which are all unique in their own way but all have a similar sense of English quaintness.

The following images have been taken using various cameras in several different locations. Actually, I have forgotten where some of these were taken!  Even so, you can get a feel of that quiet feeling of a rural bygone era. These are all far removed from my usual crop of city life and modern imagary; but deep down I really enjoy wandering around these English time capsules. It really does feel like the rest of the world has left them behind; but people do live, eat and work here. They still have an importance as part of the fabric of my country (and countryside). Long live the village!