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Monday, 12 May 2014

London People - Part 3

After a long gap between posts, and having got back into the swing of things a couple of days ago; I thought I'd keep running with it and publish something while my keyboard is still warm.

Over the last few months; while my blogging has been quiet, my camera has been hard at work. I never go anywhere without my camera. For me, the street is full of pictures ready to be taken.

Continuing from my London People Part 1 & Part 2 series...

A small figure of a lady, wrapped up from the winter chill, patiently waiting for a friend or colleague (who knows?). I may have mentioned this before but I believe that the background is just as important as the subject; and in this case we have the ageless stonework of grand architecture, full of texture and form, which contrasts and compliments the softness of wool, leather and the human body.

More grand architecture for the background, allowing the sillhuoetted figure to walk across the stage. This shot would fit into my earlier lone figure posts from a while back. I can see from my more recent photography, that I try to avoid too much business in my backgrounds. I often search for simple backgrounds and locations and wait for members of the public to enter the stage.   More on this in a future post.

Here is something similar but taken much closer, with a touch of colour. Jogging along with his own shadow on the wall. On any given Sunday, there are joggers all over central London, although I am sure the same can be said for every great city around the world. This chap has carefully chosen his clothing to blend well with the 18th century stone wall, unlike some of the 'over the top' flourescent sports attire which can be seen everywhere.


s.c said...

I like the point of thinking. The human form in scale and form against an architectual background. As such i find the last one the best from these shots. Thanks for showing Bill.

Michael Gatton said...

That first shot really does bring out the contrasting texture and character of the old building and the sweater. The expression on her face is a bit enigmatic. I like the dark figure against the white building in the second shot as well, stands out nicely and gives a sense of scale and solitude. Interesting tonal matching in that third one.