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Thursday, 29 May 2014

London people - Part 5

I thought I'd share some street images of couples (maybe colleagues, best friends or couples) all taken in London. My usual style of photographing an 'individual person against an empty background' can tend to be a somewhat emotionless image with the sole purpose of creating an aesthetic graphic art form (which I like).  I do, however, like to capture pairs of people, just because there is more of an unknown story behind the couple.

A couple or just good friends....  I stood just under a darkened bridge as I shot this couple wandering towards me from the light, creating an almost sillhoette. I wished they had a small child between them so that they would strangely match the painted mural on the wall in the background.  I didn't notice the old guy lurking behind the box on the left hand side until I processed the image.

Best friends....   Outside Kings Cross station, there is a temporary public swing in a birdcage design.  Naturally, members of public like to have a go on the swing.  These two girls (language students, I believe) were going crazy and giggling quite loudly.

Friends...   This girl has got proper attitude. I like her defiant expression and strong character. She walked with a swagger as she looked straight into my camera.

Lovers?...  Even more attitude here, expressed through their faces, fashions, and strutting stride.  If you take a closer look at his tee shirt with the famous London Underground logo; the printed text is "SOD THE RICH", as opposed to the real railway station named "Shoreditch".  A political statement through cheap fashion! I don't think he will change the world, but every little helps, maybe.


s.c said...

Very nice . Not shy to photograph in front. Still for me the last is the best. Thanks for showing.

Michael Gatton said...

Another nice set of character studies, each one a different story or stories as you indicated. All approach the camera a little differently, which also tells you something. Nicely done!

Anonymous said...

How do people feel about you confronting them head on? It's still something I don't do much of. You have a really good eye for the interesting characters.

I like the girls with the attitude

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks guys!

Nicola, I still never quite get used to taking people's pictures head on, but I just push myself to do it. (what's the worst that could happen? :)

If I do get any strange reactions, (and I have a few times), I am very honest with them and explain what I do. A little polite flattery has worked in the past.