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Saturday, 10 May 2014

The quiet life of the village

Once again, I have come back from a long busy period of work and other annoying excuses keeping me from blogging.  Well I have not given up yet; even though sometimes the enthusiasm for blogging is hard to find.  I will carry on!  I will...  I will...    (just got to get back into a blog rhythm)

Every so often, my weekends involve visiting or driving through one of the countless small villages of England. Although I live in a reasonable size town (Colchester's population is c176000); the town is surrounded by lots of these small villages, which are all unique in their own way but all have a similar sense of English quaintness.

The following images have been taken using various cameras in several different locations. Actually, I have forgotten where some of these were taken!  Even so, you can get a feel of that quiet feeling of a rural bygone era. These are all far removed from my usual crop of city life and modern imagary; but deep down I really enjoy wandering around these English time capsules. It really does feel like the rest of the world has left them behind; but people do live, eat and work here. They still have an importance as part of the fabric of my country (and countryside). Long live the village!


s.c said...

Hello Bill nice to see you back again. Hope to see more from you in the nearby future.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks S.C. I will try my best :)

Michael Gatton said...

Nice to see you back, Bill, sporadic or otherwise. Nice images also, they have a lovely quiet quality about them. One should really click on the cafe shot to see the woman in the cafe giving you that look.

Bill Wellham said...

Thanks Mike. I have still been taking lots of photos over the last few months, so I do have loads of new things to blog about.