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Sunday, 6 July 2014

Japan - things that caught my eye

It's been a while since I posted some images from Japan.  These are not in any way examples of photography, but just snapshots of things that caught my eye taken while wandering around the mad world of Osaka and Kobe, all taken with my old Sony Cybershot W1 point and shoot .  My wife explained some of the following oddities:

These is a display of popular stand up comedians performing at this comedy club in Osaka.

This is 仮面ライダー or Kamen Rider , a very popular 1970's manga and anime super hero.

Here we have ドラえもん or Doraemon, an incredibly popular robotic cat and famous manga and anime character for young children in Japan. He has been entertaining children since 1969, and his original story book (in manga form) has sold over 100 million copies.

This statue of a fox is linked to the shinto deity inari. These can be seen all over Japan, and often wear these traditional red bibs.

Everywhere you go in Japanese cities, you will find these chaps waving illuminated sticks around, guiding cars and trucks in and out of parking spaces or buildings.

A huge mural of Roy Lichtenstein's  Vicki! I thought I heard your voice can be see on the side of the facing building. This is a view of the afternoon rush hour in Osaka, taken from my room. These overhead express ways pass straight through the cities in all directions, helping the millions of cars, buses and trucks get in and out of the central megopolis.

I have no idea why there is a huge steel sculture of a fly on top of this Osaka roof...    but I like it.

And finally, a VW campervan cafe / , adorned with Santa Claus in the city of Kobe. A very cool cafe indeed.


s.c said...

Its such a different world then ours but always with a very nice balanced look. If only we could understood. Nice glimps of it Bill.

Michael Gatton said...

Thank god for other cultures. Interesting look at other people's icons, symbols. and perspectives.