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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Contemporary Art Gallery in Colchester - Part 2

This is the follow up to my recent post Contemporary Art Gallery in Colchester.

I wrote a little about the conception and construction of the First Site Gallery, and the controversy from the angry anti modern art mobs. I posted a selection of images taken from the outside of the radically designed building; and now it is time to show the insides.

Firstly, I just like to show a few images of people exporing the spaces created by the difficult geometry of the building. I deliberately processed the first images with a 'high key' to contrast the calm and quiet walls and ceilings with the dark shades of visiting public.

All kinds of people can be seen looking around, including parents with kids, old folk, and shoppers with strollers; not just the 'well read' art lovers and intelligentia.  It is a free space open for all to pop in and experience the other side of art.

My white balance is all over the place!

Here are some of my favourite exhibits from the last two years.  I have taken all these images stealthily, as the gallery operates a general 'no photography' rule.  That being said, these exhibitions are all from well over a year ago; and hopefully these will not offend any of the artists or gallery management.  (If I have to remove them, I will of course).  I hope though, I am promoting the gallery in my own independant way.

Artist:  Richard Deacon

Artist:  Lynn Chadwick

Artist:  Roger Hiorn

Artist:  Anthea Hamilton

Artist:  Anthea Hamilton 

Artist:  Anthea Hamilton

Artist:  John McCracken

Artists:  Nigel Henderson  and  Eduardo Paolozzi