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Monday, 13 October 2014

London People

Here's some images taken over a year ago.  Even though I have been quiet on the blogger front; my camera is always working. It is nearly always in my hand when I walk around London, from where these are all taken.  I have a lot of images to post over the next few weeks, and I think it's time to get back to my street photography again.

These images are not connected in any way at all.  All taken on different dates and at unrelated places.  They just need to be posted so I can move on to newer work.

This guy sells coffee from his VW camper van coffee shop. For those of you seeing this in black and white; the van has a lovely orange and cream paint job. 

A guy sits cross legged outside the National Portrait gallery, while sketching diagrams on a note book. Not sure if it was art, but he was very meticulous with his workings.

Sot from the hip, as this leopard clad lady strode by me.  Individually styled and unique in her attitude.  Sixties/Seventies throw back...   I can never be sure.

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George McKay said...

Your sentiments echo my own regarding keeping my blog going. I just resumed after taking almost 10 months "off". Not sure where the compulsion originates but the desire to share images of life here keeps egging at me even when I'm not doing it. Good to see you're back, Bill, showing us Life in London.